Prebuilt Power Hour – Episode 8:
Annual Business Goals
(How did we do in 2022? What’s in store for 2023?)

SMART goals - What are your business goals

By Prebuilt Sites Team

January 31, 2023

I’m a huge believer in setting annual goals.  Not just any goals, but SMART goals.   In this Prebuilt Power Hour, we are joined by Michelle Bell of the Virtual Work Wife.  Michelle is a long time business collaborator and guru of automation.  

In the video we talk about the importance of setting annual goals to give you a roadmap so you make progress in your business. We also share our 2022 goals… and how we did.  Then we share our business goals for 2023.  

SMART Goals are: 

  • Specific – Goals should be clear and well-defined, answering the questions of what, why, and who.
  • Measurable – Goals should have concrete criteria for measuring progress and determining success.
  • Attainable – Smart goals should be realistic and attainable, considering the resources and constraints of the organization or individual.
  • Relevant – Goals should align with the overall mission and strategy of the organization or individual.
  • Time-Bound – The goal should have a specific deadline, providing a sense of urgency and direction.
Michelle Bell, CEO of Virtual Work Wife

Michelle Bell, CEO of Virtual Work Wife

Prebuilt Sites Team

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