With a Prebuilt Site you don't start from scratch.

You don't have to built it yourself.

You are not paying a website development company to build it for you.   

A Prebuilt site is the perfect middle ground.

Your site will be prebuilt for you.  It will feature an industry optimized layout and design based upon your branding, your target market, and what is needed to succeed in your industry.  Our websites are based upon the proven concepts honed over years of building websites from scratch for others.  

We realized that most new businesses in any given industry all have the same needs in a website.. So we created a solution for you. Instead of starting each site from scratch, we have them prebuilt and almost ready. Once ordered we ask you a simple series of questions to learn more about your business, your specific target market, and your services. Then our experienced team of developers and designers get to work finishing the site and getting it ready for your copy and image. The whole process typically takes only a week or so.  

You get a professional and beautiful site, without all of the effort and frustration. 

A prebuilt website is considered to be one of the best deals around. Prebuilt sites are based upon custom site builds that we have done over the years that start at $5000 or more.  With our revolutionary Prebuilt Sites system, we are able to offer them to you at a fraction of the cost.

A prebuilt website consists of 2 separate costs, a setup fee and the ongoing hosting/membership fee.

The setup fee starts at $1495 for most Prebuilt Site websites, which includes over $700 in premium software. 

The ongoing hosting/membership fee is $50/mo which includes your monthly website hosting, managed updates to your website software, access to our online tutorials, invitations to our twice a month members only Q&A calls, and deep discounts on our advanced courses. 

Your prebuilt website will take us around a week or so to get ready for you.  While we are working on things, you will be preparing your copy (written text) for the various website pages of the site.  We have tutorials that will walk you through this preparation.  

Once your prebuilt website is ready, we move it to the hosting server and give you access to it to add your prepared copy to the site.  Again, we have tutorials to walk you through this for each page of the site.  This doesn't take long. Our sites are very easy to update and feature the amazing and easy to use Beaver Builder Pro page builder plugin.  It's literally just click, paste, and save. 

As soon as you are done adding your copy to the website, let us know and we will officially launch your website, test everything one final time, submit it to Google for you, and even integrate Google Web Analytics into your website for you. 

This whole process typically takes about 2 weeks. It can take less or longer depending upon you and how long it takes for you to prepare your written copy for the website.  

If you like the Prebuilt website, but already have a website, have no fear. We can still help! 

Watch the video below to learn more!

If have an existing website and want to know more, let us know.

Every prebuilt website is built with a solid foundation that should be built on. If you want to add any type of functionality, let us know and our support team will recommend proven solutions.  

We will discuss your needs with you to determine what solution best fits your needs, and then provide an estimate of what the installation and configuration will take.   

Chances are very good that we already know how to make your site do what you want it to do and can help in less time than you think!

We host every website we build, and ONLY the sites we build.  This is how we are able to manage your updates, how we are able to solve support requests quickly, how we are able to release courses that walk you through things step-by-step.  We handle all of the tech for you for you can concentrate on running your business.


Please contact us at [email protected], through our chat widget, or via the Support page.

Every Prebuilt Sites membership includes access into The Vault. Our members only library of courses and video tutorials on how to use your website, how to rank in search engines, business management, online advertising, and more. 

Basic Courses (included in your membership)

  • *WordPress Tutorials (AKA how to use your website)
  • *Basic SEO & Website Analytics (SEO = Search Engine Optimization)
  • Time Management Strategies
  • Winning the SEO Game
  • and more

Advanced Courses - Coming Soon, (Members get a big discount)

  • Automating your Business
  • *Designing High Converting Landing Pages
  • Deep Dive into Understand Website Analytics
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Advertising on Google
  • and more

*All courses that involve your website are designed for Prebuilt Sites.  This allows us to offer specific technical instruction that you can follow step-by-step

We started Prebuilt Sites because we were tired of hearing the same frustrated story again and again.  

We talked to people who were starting their companies. They were putting their blood, sweat, tears, and time (oh so much time) into their passions and starting a business. But over and over again we heard frustration from them regarding their websites. They tried to do it themselves and found it much harder than the commercials they saw online.  They felt lost and underwhelmed by the results.

The problem isn't the website solution chosen.  Solutions like WIX, Squarespace, WordPress, and others are good tools... but they are still tools. Tools are only as good as the person wielding them. 

That is where Prebuilt Sites comes in.  What if instead of starting from scratch, we did 80% of the work for those same people. We build the sites. Do the design. Host the site. Setup the forms. Etc.  And you have to do is add the text. That's it.  

No more frustration. No more underwhelming sites.  Happy new business owners who can concentrate on growing their business. 

Since we handle all of the tech on the website, we handle the stuff related to that.  You will get full Editor level access. This means you can update/add pages, publish blog posts, update the navigation, update page layouts, etc.  If you can see the option on the back end of the site, you can use it. 

We have a higher level of access so we can handle the tech, the code base, and keep your website patched and secure.  We also offer webmaster services ad hoc (as needed). At your request, we will handle plugin installs, 3rd party service integrations, and much, much more.