What is a Prebuilt Site?

What is a Prebuilt Site?

By Prebuilt Sites Team

March 25, 2021

Are you wondering what is a Prebuilt Site?  In this video, let’s take a deeper look:

People often ask us,” What exactly is a Prebuilt Site?

To better understand… let’s first look the other options you have for getting a website.

With a do-it-yourself website solution, are basically given the tools and they say: “Here you go! Build it yourself.

You may have some templates and themes to help, but there is always a learning curve People soon discover that unless you are a professional web developer or designer, you don’t know how to build a good website. They don’t know how to make websites that convert visitors into leads, and leads into customers. They don’t know how to build their website to help rank, and honestly, they end up building a subpar version of what they really wanted..

It’s like giving a master carpenter and myself a tractor trailer full of tools and equipment, and say: “You have two weeks to build a house.” At the end of those two weeks, that master carpenter has a lovely two-bedroom house with an attached garage and is sitting inside watching TV, with running water and electricity. Me, I have a one-bedroom shack and a corner that leaks, because I’m not a master carpenter.

But when it comes to websites, I do know what I’m doing. I AM a professional web developer. And this is why we created Prebuilt Sites. 

A Prebuilt Site is a beautiful, industry-specific mobile responsive professional website that is already set up for you.

We’ll add your logo, we’ll adjust the color scheme to match your logo and your branding, update the typography & fonts on your website updated to match. All the main pages are set up and waiting for you to add your copy to you. These include your Home page, About page, an Contact page, and your Services pages.

We also go through and we update all the pictures and the images to make them appeal to your target market, and fit the feel that you’re going through. And these are not just generic free images. These are stock images that your site will be licensed to use.

We also go through and set up all the lead capture forms. We will set up all those for you to make sure that they work, that emails are getting through to you, and we will connect it to any emailing or CRM system like Mail Chimp, Infusionsoft, Keap, Constant Contact, whichever one you’re using.

A blog will be added to your website. It will be ready and waiting for you to add your copy into it. You have full control over the pictures on your website. Once we have your site is ready for you, if you don’t like the images that we chose for you, you can freely swap them out as often or as little as you want.

You also have full control of all the text, which we call ‘copy’, on your website. And we’re gonna show you how easy it is to drop in your own content, and we’ll walk you through how to prepare it. We also show you how to modify the page layouts. Once the site is launched, you can change the layouts of the pages if you so choose. We also walk you through how easy it is to add new pages to your website.

Behind the scenes, every prebuilt website is running on the best premium software. If you would build one of our prebuilt sites from scratch yourself, you would find that each site includes over $700 dollars in annual software licenses. Those software licenses are covered as part of you being a member of Prebuilt Websites.

When the site is ready to launch, let us know, and we will submit the site to Google for you. We will also hook into google analytics so you have website analytics so you can see what people are doing on your website.

That’s not all!

Your website, once it’s live, we are still here for you as well. We handle all your website hosting for you with our USA-based support team.

We’ll make sure your site is safe, secure and running 24/7/365. We handle all the software updates behind the scenes on your website to keep you safe and secure.

Your website’s gonna be running in an optimized environment that includes daily automatic incremental backups on your website, an integrated SSL certificate to keep things safe and secure, built-in malware protection, and more.

Members of Prebuild Sites also have access to a slew of website tutorials, such as “How to use your Website“, “Basic SEO & Website Analytics“, “3 Simple Time Management Strategies for Small Business Owners” and other basic courses, and you will get discounts on advanced courses like more “Advanced SEO“, “How to Write Better Blog Posts“, “Facebook Marketing 101“, “Google Marketing 101“, and more coming all the time. 

You also get an invite into our bi-weekly, twice a month Q&A Zoom call. In these calls, other members of Prebuilt Site are asked to pre-submit questions so we can be able to be a little bit better prepared, and we’ll pick a bunch of the questions within the time allowed, and we will answer them live on the call with those people. And if it’s anything on the website, we will walk you through live as we’re helping them make those changes on their websites. So, everybody can be educated together. These are also recorded, so you can access them at any point in time.

Now, that’s STILL not all.

Every website is built in a manner so as your website grows, your website can scale with it. You don’t have a limit on the number of pages on your website, or the number of blog posts that you can run.

If you wanna add new functionality, we can help. 

If you wanna add eCommerce, we can add it.

You wanna add in a eLearning system, like AccessAlly or LearnDash? No problem.

We’ve built all of our websites in a very modular way, so that you can scale from a startup to a multi-million dollar a year company. And how do I know this? Because we’ve helped many companies do this before.

That is why we started Prebuilt Sites. It’s the middle ground between a DIY and a custom built solution.

You are not starting from scratch, you’re starting with a solid basis. It’s the same tools we use on hundreds, if not thousands other websites. We’ve helped a lot of other companies scale up to be that multi-million dollar a year company, and we want you to be the next.

Prebuilt Sites Team

Prebuilt Sites are the perfect medium between a DIY solution and a custom built website. We handle all of the tech, so you can concentrate on running your business. We are happy to help if you have any questions or need assistance our USA based support team can be reached via our Contact page