Case Study: Went the DIY website path – 6 Months Later

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By Prebuilt Sites Team

September 10, 2021

Six months ago an acquaintance reached out to me for help getting his service company online.  We talked about how a small business website with a Google My Business page is a good place to start for any new company that needs local customers. If budgets are short, start with just a Google My Business page, and then get the website going.  One of our prebuilt websites is a good place to start.  We went over the benefits and recommendations…. and then I didn’t hear from him until this week.

Flash forward 6 months. 

He had setup a Google My Business page but wanted help increasing it’s visibility online and ranking higher.  We put together a plan to help increase his Google My Business page visibility in Google Searches. He then asked if this would help his website. 

What website?” I asked.  “According to Google, you don’t have a website.

When I was doing the scoping for the plan his website came up in zero searches.  After some discussion we found he tried to go the DIY route.  By his own admission he doesn’t know anything about tech. I went to the URL and it came up with error messages. Either his website was broken or not online without any idea how to get it online.  We directed him back to the support of the company who’s DIY tools he was using/paying for and hopefully they can help get him online.  But even then, there are things with his Google My Business page (and likely the new website) that still need to be done to help him rank higher and increase visibility online.

Months of not ranking in Google. Months of thinking he had a website online, when it was not.  Months of lost opportunities. Months of lost customers.  We are now discussing a new website for him to essentially start his site over.  

Just think about how disheartening that conversation was for him. 

Scenarios like this are all to common.  This is why we built the Prebuilt Sites solution.   Start with a Prebuilt Sites and eliminate the headaches and worry.  Let us handle the design and tech, while you concentrate on your business!



Prebuilt Sites Team

Prebuilt Sites are the perfect medium between a DIY solution and a custom built website. We handle all of the tech, so you can concentrate on running your business. We are happy to help if you have any questions or need assistance our USA based support team can be reached via our Contact page