Google AMP Integration


If you have a consistent and active blog (at least 1 blog post a day), you NEED to have Google AMP integrated into your site!

This is a bit of “secret sauce” that others don’t want you to know about.  Provide a better experience for your customers and get more mobile visitors

If you want to show on Google News and in Google’s Top Stories during mobile searches, you must have Google AMP to have a chance! (see photo gallery for examples)

NOTE – AMP will only help if you have an active site/blog. Recommend a min of 3+ new posts a week.


Google AMP is a project designed to provide a better mobile phone experience for all, particularly those who don’t have a good connection or are on a slow mobile network. 

Google AMP helps helps your blog posts and articles load faster for mobile traffic, work better for those on slower connections, and rank higher than similar articles that don’t use AMP.   Your AMP powered articles will load almost instantly on a mobile device!


Actual client implimentation of Google AMP